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"Electric Dreams" + Q&A = September 7, 2019

"Electric Dreams" + Q&A

 Lenny Von Dohlen, Virginia Madsen, and Rusty Lemorande at The Frida Cinema, Santa Ana, CA -- Saturday, September 7th.


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StageWorks Ink's "Electric Dreams"

StageWorks Ink was a unique fringe theatre company that created exciting, and entertaining theatre, and live interactive performances in Portland, Oregon.

For their second show of 2014, they presented "Electric Dreams," a comedic musical fantasy romantic thriller filled with amazing music from 1984! This show featured a collection of awesome hits from artists like Culture Club, Heaven 17, Giorgio Moroder and Philip Oakley, UB40, Helen Terry, P.P. Arnold, and Jeff Lynne.
They performed the numbers with a live band and plenty of '80s flash and dazzle!
"This piece has been on my 'to-do' list for a long time," said StageWorks' Artistic Director Steve Coker. "A piece that, when presented in 1984, was overlooked and underrated. An '80s version of "Cyrano" with a bit o' "Little Shop of Horrors" thrown in for good measure. It's a bizarre love triangle between a boy, a girl, and a personal computer that has come to life a…


Rewind and Digress is a podcast where they "hit pause on the now", and rewind to explore some of their favourite films from the past. It is hosted by Glenn Cochrane, Jarret Gahan, and Shaun Crawford. They are members of the Australian Film Critics Association. With their combined experience--which covers film, television, radio, and the written press--they are sure to bring some insightful, nerdy cinematic ramblings to the table.

You can visit their website FAKESHEMP.NET for their latest reviews and other content.

On this, their latest podcast, they review "Electric Dreams".

As they wrote on their Facebook page, "Glenn, Jarret, and Shaun couldn't stop talking about movies even if their lives depended on it. Case in point: the latest episode of REWIND AND DIGRESS! This episode has them spending an entire hour talking about Steve Barron's seminal cyber-fatal-attraction classic, "Electric Dreams". As it turns out, it's a BRILLIANT discussion…

Trivia: Lenny Von Dohlen on 'Cloud 9'

In the movie "Electric Dreams", Miles and Madeline go on a date to the Phoenix Theatre... see a play titled, "Cloud 9". 

Prior to "Electric Dreams", Lenny Von Dohlen(Miles) appeared in Caryl Churchill’s Off-Broadway hit play "Cloud 9", directed by Tommy Tune. For nine months, he performed the roles of Betty/Gerry, at the Lucille Lortel Theatre, in New York City, in 1982.

When I asked Lenny if this was scripted, he replied, "Yes, the writer, Rusty Lemorande, knew I’d been in the play and so it was kind of a homage."

Stay electric!