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Muse's Homage to Electric Dreams

"Electric Dreams" was referenced in one of the music videos from the English rock band, Muse's album "Simulation Theory", released in late 2018. Their fifth music video for this album, "Pressure", continues the 1980s pop culture references, and stars the band as performing as 'Rocket Baby Dolls' (Muse's original band name) at a homecoming dance akin to a scene from "Back to the Future", and Terry Crews as a chaperone who uses a 'Ghostbusters-esque' proton pack to subdue an outbreak of gremlin-like creatures. Critics also identified homages to "Critters", the work of John Hughes, and "Stranger Things". Can you see any others?


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Films Featured in "Electric Dreams"

Films either featured in or referenced to in the movie "Electric Dreams".

Sometimes filmmakers pay homage to classic cinema. So it should be no surprise that you'll find some in Steve Barron's movie "Electric Dreams". They're either featured in a scene or cleverly stitched together within a scene, helping with the storyline or for comedic effect.

In order of appearance, you will find some examples below.

There's a slight reference to the movie Alien(1979) in the scene when Miles was locked inside his apartment. The previous night, he installed a home security system on his apartment door that was monitored and controlled via his computer. By morning, he had forgotten all about it. And, being late for work, he had to recall the password.

The scene in Alien that was referenced was after the character Dallas was killed. Ripley was then able to break through a “Science Officer Eyes Only” computer lockout, and communicate directly with Mother.


Who are you calling?

Edgar: Who are you calling?
Miles: My mother. You said she called.
Edgar: Oh, I've already talked to her.
Miles: You what?
Edgar: Well, don't worry. I pretended I was you!
Miles: Thanks.
Edgar: Your welcome!

Electric Dreams