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Lenny Von Dohlen, Rest In Peace

  Lenny Von Dohlen died July 5th at his Los Angeles home after a long illness. Everyone that worked with him or knew him had nothing but good things to say about him. His sister, Catherine Von Dohlen, wrote this on her Facebook page:  The world lost a magnificent man on July 5. Brother Len was passionate about everything and everyone. He was always leading; whether it be a riveting conversation, an artistic creation, or a trip to new places. He loved a good laugh. He continues on his spiritual journey. Living life full in his memory.💕  Virginia Madsen wrote this on her official Facebook page: No. Not Miles. My sweet Lenny. I can’t process this. It’s a bad dream. I loved you. So very much. One of the most beautiful souls on earth. Eyes of sparkling blue I shall never forget and the sound of your voice would tame the Lion. The last time we met he said “we were just babies!” And we were. Your calming nature made me feel like I was walking on a cloud and when I was unsure, he would place
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